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Phuket Motorbike Rental – Phuket Aquarium Tour

Scooter Rental in Phuket & Phuket Aquarium

Phuket Aquarium is located to the south-east of a town called Phuket at the end of Cape Panwa. There are many reasons to enjoy the Panwa area. The first reason is because of the lovely scenery to be found here especially if you turn from the main road and head to the aquarium.

Follow a smaller road located to the west of the cape. At this point, you can have views of Chalong Bay.Pass the turn off heading to Khao Kad viewpoint on the way. The second reason is that my favourite restaurant is found here in Panwa.

Cape Panwa

Entry Charges

The entry fee is not very high as you may think. Only 50 Baht for children and only 100 Baht for adults. For the locals, the charges may be a little bit cheaper. It’s quite reasonably priced although it is not a big aquarium.

What has happened is that it has expanded slowly over the years and there are even plans for further expansion in the near future. The first room is located by the entrance. Here, you will find small tanks having all kinds of fish.

Lion Fish

You will have an opportunity to see all types of fish including razor shrimp-fish, lobsters, batfish, angelfish, lionfish and moray eels and other fish types. Most of the fish to be found are local fish species found in Thailand waters as should be. Electric eels are also found in this island and they are housed in small tanks. Environmental awareness and marine life educational displays are to be found on the walls.

Glass Walk-Through Tunnel

In 2005, a glass walk through tunnel was opened. Although this tunnel is not that huge, little sharks are to be found here including stingrays, big Napoleon wrasse, jacks, leopard sharks, black tip and more.

Several huge groupers are to be found in another huge tank. There are many other small tanks containing the small water creatures like sea horses and shrimps. The sea horses are such beautiful little things.

The Surrounding Environment

On your way out from the indoor section, you will see a canteen and a souvenir shop where items sold are pretty nice while others are tacky. A small purchase may be helpful considering the fact that the entry fee is low. Some steps near the shop head to a nature trail that will lead you along the coastline for a few hundred meters. You will gather a lot of environmental information as there are very many signs explaining animal and plant names.

You will also pass a little boat which children usually play on. After this, you will see a long jetty leading to several boats which include a research vessel often moored there. There is also a children playground. Apart from all these, you will also find a marine Biological Center having an endangered species unit. It is in this place that aquarium turtles are reared. Turtles with injuries are also taken care of here. As a result of the contact with boats, big turtles may have chunks missing from their shells or bits of flippers missing.

It is very enjoyable to have the opportunity to visit a part of the island where many tourists do not venture into. You will find it to be simply an amazing adventure and a lovely drive over. You are highly likely to enjoy the natural beauty of the area, particularly if you escape the crowds in the middle of high season.

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