Motorbike Rentals In Phuket

In case you are going to hire a motor bike whilst on holiday in Thailand, be sure that you assess it very well before taking it. Jot down any nicks or scratches or the hire firm may believe that you have damaged the motorcycle whilst in your possession.

A lot of motor cycle rentals are small scooters in the 125cc variety. You will be able to hire bigger scooters, although the greater number are 125cc.

Do not ever present your passport to the hire company. A photocopy of your passport will certainly do just fine. Never, at any time present your passport to anyone besides the police force.

If you possess your own helmet, wear it. Thai law demands the vehicle driver to wear a helmet at all times, but the majority of people pay no heed to the law. The hire company will offer a helmet however it will quite possibly be nothing more than just a cheap plastic thing.

You will see Thai scooter riders with no helmets and may possibly be tempted to drive that way as well. Keep in mind that the Thai police are more likely to book foreigners rather than locals.

Thailand drives vehicles on the left hand side of the highway but Thai bikers drive on any side any time they choose to. Do refrain from doing this. Ride with traffic and abide by the laws.

If you end up at a traffic signal, you are going to notice your fellow motorcyclists bobbing and weaving through the stopped traffic to get to the front of the pack. When the light switches to green, it will be like the start of the Formula 1.

Thai individuals use their bikes as both family vehicles and as beasts of burden. It is standard to see 2 or 3 people on just one motorbike. It is also typical to see motor bikes lugging what could generally be a truckload.
You will need to take a look at the up-to-date guidelines and laws to ascertain if you will require an international driver license or if they will accept your homeland country. Do not count on the leasing representative and his judgment of the law.

Be particularly vigilant if you experience Thailand at the time of Thai New Year, you can be witness to your fellow motorcycle riders traversing slippery roadways while intoxicated and the whole community hurling water at all of them. Your motorcycle riding survival skills are going to definitely be questioned.
Many scooters that you hire out in Thailand may possibly be of low quality. Be sure to just lease a motor bike in good working condition.
If you are looking out for an escapade in Thailand, do try riding a scooter but please see to it that you do comply with the rules and laws of Thailand, drive carefully, and use a top quality motorcycle helmet.

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